TaleSpire: Tabletop Role Playing On Your PC

When people of a certain age were kids “Role Playing Games” were usually that of the tabletop variety. Table top RPGs such as Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Vampire: The Masquerade, etc were the norm. In recent years thanks to Twitch and even Zoom people have been able to play their TTRPGs on their computers still with pen and paper and a dungeon master aka DM to verbally guide the story along.

These were obviously not the RPGs that people grew to know in the action-based video game world such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Darkest Dungeon, and the like, but open worlds contained in the player’s imagination limited by nothing but the DMs story and a dice roll.

A developer called BOUNCY ROCK ENTERTAINMENT is attempting to blur those lines a little more with a software title called TaleSpire.
TaleSpire is a game-building software/game available on PC through steam and attempts to maintain the tabletop feel in a virtual space with digitized static miniatures to represent heroes and monsters. The DM has the tools to create a suitable virtual tabletop space complete with floors, walls, statues, secret passages, underwater areas, and allegedly much more, in time, on their end, and in traditional TTRPG style, keeping all of it hidden from the players until they choose for it to be revealed as the story plays out.

The dice rolls are rolled in-game by both the player and DM, so no need to run out to the games workshop to purchase a twenty-dollar set of dice for this dungeon crawling adventure.

The game building is done, as traditional TTRPG separate from the actual gameplay in advance. The DM builds the campaign before inviting the ones doing the adventuring to play. They build the adventure complete with whatever twists, turns, monsters, secret passages, or nonplayer characters they require to tell their interactive story to the group of participants.
The players choose their digitized miniature representation of a hero of whatever race, sex, or species the game currently offers, on the TaleSpire website it is mentioned that more options are coming including the ability to design a unique miniature through a character-building type mechanic and even import your own design.

Other than the game being digital software or a “video game” it retains its tabletop roots as close as possible. The animations are few, the characters are static being moved by the participants onscreen as if they were IRL chess pieces. The atmosphere, structures, paths, pieces, and parts the DM has to work with look amazing with tons of options and only limited to their imaginations.

TaleSpire is not set to be played by any specific set of rules such as AD&D or Pathfinder, although you can play by those rules if you choose, or the DM can set up original defense and attack parameters as they see fit and just play an adventure with friends from wherever in the world they may be. Leave your pens, papers, character sheets, dice, miniatures and all the plastic bits and bobs that make up a traditional tabletop role playing games at home in the drawer and see what TaleSpire has to offer when the beta comes out in early access through Steam on April 14th 2021, it could be a real game changer for fans of the RPG old ways and give new life to tabletop games as we know them and look good while doing it.