Tera Menma: WinTera Event’s


Wintera PVP (Snowball Fight!)

Wintera is a yearly fun winter event in Tera. This year Menma’s decided to release the event with their own little holiday cheer! The PvP snowball fight action is on, and you can participate in this event from December 14th and will last a little over a month no exact dates have been given yet! Menma’s has decided to add some special RNG buffs to the game along with a vanguard. Don’t worry about winning or losing because everyone will receive Wintera tokens when playing. If you win you get twenty tokens and if you lose you still get ten tokens. There is also a new NPC in Highwatch named Jingles where you can spend your tokens for all types of goodies. (Just a few of the festive rewards down below in the image.)

Christmas Cheer (UI Settings)

Menma’s has also decided to add a fun winter UI players can use to show some Christmas Spirt. If you want to enable or disbale this feature all you need to do is go to options, UI Settings, UI Customization, Hide/Enable UI Decoration. Then you will see some Santa Candles.

Holiday Maps

You can obtain Christmas Maps from dungeons or buying them from Jingles. The maps will give players a special reward and once you obtain a map you will need to go to one of these three locations in the game to claim your reward.

Howling Glacier

Mount Tyrannas

Scorched Snowfield