Tera Valkyteq: Game Review


Valkyteq is another Tera PC Fan server run by Valky and other amazing developers. If you have not played Tera the game is an MMORPG in that you level up to 70 and fight monsters along with easy-to-hard dungeons. You can choose from several amazing classes that range from playing as a DPS, Tank, or Healer. This version specifically is a fan server but also offers skill advancements and the EP system like most PC versions. You can also earn Etu (Server’s premium currency to buy things from the shop) by clearing all types of content. Everything in the game can be farmed and you don’t have to pay any money for anything.

Something special to only Valkyteq’s server is that once you are level 70 (whether you level yourself or use the free 70 scrolls given to you) all dungeons and content can be found right in *Valkyon* the server’s main hub. Also, players can run solo ace dungeons. If you have played Tera before you might remember gearing a character when friends are not on becomes tricky. Valkyteq has helped solve this issue by allowing ace dungeons (solo version of dungeons) to drop all resources you need to level up your characters from base guardian gear to max heroic oath gear. This progression is much slower than running dungeons with a full team but having the option is amazing and gives the player something to do every day. Another thing that this server offers is the Dark Rift. Dark Rift is a game mode that anyone can take part in by going to Val Oriyn: Arx Umbra. You will have to defend several towers with teammates from monsters of all types. You can play with a group of up to twenty people and the rewards can be Luna’s Token, Hera’s Token, Nostrums, and even a small chance to get a mighty/ancient crit dragon.

Overall Valkyteq is a fun, amazing server for everyone to enjoy. There are a ton of exciting events and news coming soon! For any more information on how to obtain Valkyteq head over to the website. TSTerra will cover all upcoming events on Cracked Gaming’s YouTube if you are looking for exciting gameplay or want to keep up to date with patch notes you can head over to TSTerra’s YouTube channel.