TFT Patch 11.4B Patch notes


Riot is coming out with a minor patch making some tweaks to existing builds.  This was released by MortDog, who is the principal developer at Rito and lead designer on TFT.  These changes should enable more flexibility in the current 4.5 set.

Quick Summary of what’s updated in 11.4B

  • Nasus
    • Mana increased from 70 –> 80
  • Nidalee
    • Spell Damage increase:
    • 100/150/250 –> 100/175/300
  • Olaf
    • Runaan’s Hurricane no longer procs the cleave effect
    • AD decreased from 80 <– 90
  • Talon
    • Bugfix where manage would be lost when his target dies when he reached full mana
  • Quicksilver Item
    • Fixed bug where QSS was preventing damage from Nasus’s ult and blocking some non-CC debuffs
  • Runaan’s Hurricane
    • Fixed Bug where the bolt was stacking with damage amps like GS, Slayer trait, and Hand of Justice

From these notes, it seems like the one-cost reroll is getting a slight nerf, while there is a buff on Olaf and bug fixes on Talon.

I am most looking forward to these changes in the later meta as I like playing with a Talon, but that bug makes it hard for an enlightened / assassin’s flex build to work with Talon’s ult not procing as much as it should.

The buff to Olaf means we should be seeing more Slayer builds in the future.  The change for his ability to not proc on hurricane is to help balance things out.

It also looks like they made a small buff to Nidalee for late game to help her scale more.  I guess the nerf last time was too much.

With these changes, expect more Slayer builds and Sivir / Sharpshoots to come back into the meta.

These changes should be live now.

A reminder that TFT Patch 11.5 is due to be released on March 3rd.

Image Credits: Riot Games