TFT: Reckoning – Set 5 teaser


With Set 5 PBE launching on April 13th, TFT dev released more teasers to what’s coming out with the new set and what changes are expected.  As with any teasers, these may change by the time of release.

Out of Set 5 will be the chosen mechanic from Fates.  In and new will be the new set mechanic, Shadow Items.

Shadow Items:

Shadow items are copies of the normal items you are used to seeing, but MORE powerful…but at a price.

Shadow items and components will appear in every carousel after the first one, plus in the new pop-up show where you get to choose items from them, like how you’d get to but champions.  Riot is expecting that each player will get two to four Shadow Components in any given game.

You only need one Shadow Component to make a Shadow Item. Check out on the right of examples of Shadow items. You will be able to tell if an item is cursed or not by the green border you see on the icon.

Zeke’s Evil Herald
  • Grants Attack speed to allied within one hex of the same row, but will steal Attack Speed from allies to the user
Radadon’s Curesed Deathcap
  • Gives even more ability power…but will cost the wearer max Health
Guinsoo’s Evil Rageblade
  • Even more rage attack speed, but will drain a percentage of the max health of the user

Let’s take a look at some of the new comps:


Forgotten sets are at 3, 6, and 9.  Each Forgotten champion gets bonus Ability Power and Attack Damage.  Each of these will also get an additional boost for each Shadow Item worn by a Forgotten champion.

  • Vayne: Tier 1 Ranger
  • Warwick: Tier 1 Brawler
  • Hecarim: Tier 2 Cavalier
  • Thresh: Tier 2 Knight
  • Viktor: Tier 2 Spellweaver
  • Katarina: Tier 3 Assassin
  • Draven: Tier 4 Legionnaire
  • Ryze: Tier 4 Abomination Mystic
  • Viego: Tier 5 Skirmisher Assassin


Hellions gain Attack Speed at 3, 5, and 7.  Whenever a Hellion unit dies, an imperfect Doppelhellion of the sam eunit will come out from a portal and join the fight

  • Ziggs: Tier 1 Spellweaver
  • Keld: Tier 1 Cavalier
  • Poppy: Tier 1 Knight
  • Kennen: Tier 2 Skirmisher
  • Lulu: Tier 3 Mystic
  • Teemo: Tier 5* Cruel Invoker

If you want to hit 7 Hellion, you will need to make a Hellion Emblem made from a Spatula and a Bow, and one of the items needs to be a Shadow Item.


Nightbringers come in with bonuses at 2/4/6/8, where they will gain a decaying shield of a percentage of their health the first time their health drops below 50%.  Once the shield is applied, they Nightbringers gain bonus damage.

  • Vladimir: Tier 1 Renewer
  • Sejuani: Tier 2 Cavalier
  • Lee Sin: Tier 3 Skirmisher
  • Morgana: Tier 3 Coven Mystic
  • Yasuo: Tier 3 Legionnaire
  • Aphelios: Tier 4 Ranger
  • Diana: Tier 4 Dragonslayer Assassin
  • Darius: Tier 5 God-King


The counter to the Nightbringer, light vs dark!  This set hits at 2/4/6/8, where once their health drops below 60%, they get rapidly healed a percentage of their max health.  One the heal happens, all allied Dawnbringers gain bonus damage

  • Gragas: Tier 1 Brawler
  • Kha’Zix: Tier 1 Assassin
  • Soraka: Tier 2 Renewer
  • Nidalee: Tier 3 Skirmisher
  • Riven: Tier 3 Legionnaire
  • Karma: Tier 4 Invoker
  • Garen: Tier 5 God-king

To get the Dawnbringer Emblem, you will need a Rod and a Spatula.

Cavalier (2/3/4)

Charge into battle that dash towards the enemy.  Each set bonus adds damage reduction. At the start of combat and after charge, the effect is doubled for 4 seconds.

  • Kled: Tier 1 hellion
  • Hecarim: Tier 2 Forgotten
  • Sejuani: Tier 2 Nightbringer
  • Rell: Tier 4 Ironclad Redeemed


This is an interesting comp.  You will need all three coven to make activate the synergy.  Once placed on your board, the champ nearest the center of your three coven units become the Coven leader gaining 50% bonus health and each time a Coven unit casts their ability, 25% of the mane used is given to the Coven Leader.

  • Lissandra: Tier 1 Renewer
  • Leblanc: Tier 2 Assassin
  • Morgana: Tier 3 Nightbringer Mystic

Ironclad (2/3)

Works like Mystic, but with Armour!  (+40 / + 100)  That is a lot of extra armour for your entire team and great protection from all those new Assassins in this set.

  • Nautilus: Tier 2 Knight
  • Rell: Tier 4 Redeemed Cavalier
  • Jax: Tier 4 Skirmisher

Revenant (2/3)

Do you love GA?’s built in now!  Revenants revive after their first death each combat.  Once revived, they will take and deal increased damage.  The set synergies give you more more health on revive.

  • Nocturne: Tier 3 Assassin
  • Ivern: Tier 4 Invoker
  • Volibear: Tier 5 Brawler

Kayle (5cost) – Redeemed Verdant Legionnaire

Kayle is crazy now!  Every few seconds, Kayle will ascend and get a boost to scale. 

  • 1st ascent – attacks will deal bonus true damage
  • 2nd ascent – attacks will explode in an AoE around the target
  • 3rd ascent – gain immunity for 1 sec after every 7th attack
  • 4th and last ascent – Rain swords down around the target dealing huge damage

Teemo (5cost): Cruel Hellion Invoker

Well, I lied a little.  It’s not really a 5 cost, but it’s on the same level as other 5 costs.  When you get a Teemo from the shop, it will cost you 6 health.  It can be sold after for 5 gold.

Teemo’s abilitt will be to scatter Infernal Soulds around the enemy with the highest attack speed.  Once an enemy gets close to one of the souls or after three seconds, the souls will explode reducing attack speed and magic damage.

This is only a taste.  You can check out the post from Riot here.

There are even more synergies and more combos to learn and discover.  PBE soon, Set launched at the end of the month.  

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