The Humblest of Bundles – Supporting Charities through Discounted Gaming


           Humble Bundle. Some may know the name, but by the end of this article I hope to change that “Some” to “Most”. The Humble Bundle site got its start in 2010 with a platform of we buy the games and they donate a percentage to charities. Since its conception, the site has raised around $200 million spread out among many different charities from Make-A-Wish to WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) even Games Aid. There are a variety of ways Humble Bundle collects donations: Pay what you want, Monthly subscription, or just buying games from their store.

          The first method “Pay what you want.” is a great way to give you some control over who receives your money. A lot of people that donate wonder if the money they are giving gets to the charity or if the company is pocketing most of it. Well, one of the benefits this method offers is the ability to allocate much of your overall price going to either the publisher of the game, the charity of the month, or Humble itself.  Judging by how much you decide to give your list of available games increase, but theirs doesn’t just stop at games. You can also do pay what you want on software such as dev assets for FPS games or even books like the “Harry Potter Film Vault series by Insight Editions” or “Tomes of Lost Magic for 5th Edition.”

This is where you change your percentages.
This is the current months charity and also where you can change charities.
This is the Pay what you want menu. showcasing the different media forms you can get.

          Now the next method of supporting is of course “The Subscription.” Now if you’re like me and constantly get bored of the 200+ games you own this method is pretty cool. Each month Humble bundle releases a collection of at least 12 games that you can choose up to 12 games from for only about $12 plus tax. Games like Yakuza 3, The Surge 2, or hell even PGA  Tour 2K21 and even some other indie games like Superliminal, Secret Neighbor, or Stubbs the Zombie: Rebel without a pulse. The downside of this method is you don’t get to choose who gets how much (with about 5% going to that month’s charity) and you can’t change the charity it gets sent to.

This is where you got for the Subscription option

       The last method I’m going to cover is the  “Just buying a game”  method which as it sounds is the most obvious method. Just buy a game. The Humble store has all sorts of games like Deathloop or Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition. you can even pre-order games like Jurassic World evolution 2. The best part about these aside from money going to charity is that many of these games are discounted anywhere from 5% to 78% off. I can get Satisfactory for 28% off or Nier Automata: Game of the Yorha edition for over 53% off. 

This is the Humble Store page

            TLDR: Humble Bundle is working with gamers to give back to the world around us and in ways that won’t break your bank and let’s be honest give you something besides a letter every month about re-donating. They even have published their own games and work with other creators to pay it forward.
I recommend Humble Bundle to everyone for good reason and constantly look forward to what new games I can get like Christmas every month.

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