The terms simp, incel and virgin are now against Twitch TOS


As reported in a previous post,, today was the planned Town Hall: Overview of the Policy and Enforcement meeting today at 10am on Twitch.  They provided information and discussion about new planned measures to counter act hateful conduct and harassment issues.

In a featured clip that can be seen below, Twitch’s COO Sara Clemens and Twitch’s Community & Creator Marketer Erin Wayne can be seen discussing about how the terms simp, incel and virgin are used in a negative manner and will no longer be allowed to be used on twitch.  Also any emotes existing or created using any form of the word simp will also be removed and/or denied.

If you stream on twitch, you should update your moderators about the new changes within Twitch so they can help protect your chat and community and stay within the new set guidelines.