Turkey with Laser Beams for Eyes??? New Raid Boss in New World


New Worlds’ first raid boss is a big fat turkey. No, seriously, it’s a giant turkey. Introducing Turkulon: The Feathered Avenger of Death. Added in the first patch of December, this boss is a level 66 elite, with what appears to be around10 spawn points across all parts of Aternum and features 4 main attacks including Freaking Laser Beams from its eyes. This boss comes as a welcome addition of content to break up the grind of leveling up so many of us are still going thru.

If you are among the top damage players in the raid, you will be rewarded with the Monstrous Turkey Leg, and the recipe to craft the new legendary tier 5 food that boasts a buff of 33 constitution as well as 5% loot luck for 40 minutes. This will be an amazing food to use while you are looting chests in the 60+ elite zones

As of writing this article, I know of 2 spots in Windsward, 2 in Cutlass Keys, 2 in Mourningdale, 1 in Monarchs Bluff, and this spot in Brightwood. I can also confirm, that this boss respawns on a 3-hour timer in all the spawn locations. So get out there and go take down this overgrown chicken.