Twitch is making major changes to their Hateful Conduct & Harassment Policy


On January 22nd, the updated changes to Twitch’s Hateful Conduct & Harassment Policy will go into effect.  These are much needed changes within the community after the outcry of streamers and users of the platform for some time.  Key changes to the policy will be highlighted below.  You can reach the full article on the Twitch blog site located here :


Some major changes to their harassment policy include :

  • Claiming that the victim of a well-documented violent tragedy is a crisis actor, or is lying
  • Encouraging others to DDoS, hack, doxx, or swat another person
  • Inciting malicious raids of another person’s social media profiles off Twitch

Some major changes to their hateful conduct policy include :

  • Emotes are an important part of how we communicate with one another on Twitch, but they can be used maliciously. So emote combinations, even without additional text used in chat, will be held to this policy
  • Given its historic and symbolic association with slavery and white supremacist groups in the US, displaying the Confederate flag is prohibited
    Some major changes to their sexual harassment policy include :
  • Repeatedly commenting on someone’s perceived attractiveness, even in what you believe to be a positive or complimentary manner, is prohibited if there is indication that it’s unwelcome (i.e. you’ve been asked to stop, timed-out, or channel-banned)
  • Making lewd or explicit comments about anyone’s sexuality or physical appearance is prohibited. Note that we do not make an exception for public figures
  • Sending unwanted/unsolicited links to nude images or videos is prohibited

Twitch will have a few live sessions and VODs available for those that aren’t able to attend to watch later giving more information on these policies.

12/11 Creator Camp: Deep Dive on the Policy

10am on /CreatorCamp

While it’s called “Creator Camp,” the entire Community is invited! Join us for a live discussion of key policy changes. We’ll also answer questions from chat.

12/16 Town Hall: Overview of the Policy and Enforcement

10am on/twitch

We will discuss safety on Twitch, our goals for this new policy, and answer questions from chat.

1/6 Creator Camp: Reviewing FAQ since Launch

12pm on/CreatorCamp

We’ll return to the Creator Camp stage to do a rundown of frequently asked questions since the policy was announced and provide an opportunity to ask any last questions before enforcement begins.

There are many mixed reactions on twitter following this announcement made by Twitch.  Here are a couple highlighted examples of people giving their own opinions.