Twitch releases new opportunity for helping streamers grow


Twitch Channel Point Promotion Feature:

In Late November 2020, twitch made an announcement that could bring amazing news to streamers small and medium sized alike! Twitch will be implementing a new community challenge for small streamer communities to complete. If a streamer and their community can fill the channel point pot, then their channel would be recommended on the browse page on twitch, with a new stream tag called “Promoted!”

How does it work?:

Although it is unknown how many points it is per viewer to fill the community pot with channel points. I first hand had experienced a promoted channel and got to ask the user a few questions. The user was around 25 viewers and it cost 16,000 Channel points from the viewers to fill the pot, and unlock the reward. For those small streamers, don’t be scared of the number, I have a feeling it changes based on how many viewers you have as well as maybe a few other stats! It sounds like for this instance of 16k each viewer was able to contribute a maximum of 2,000 channel points, which could very well change in the future. You get a total of two days to fill the pot, so I’ve heard, and once you do, the twitch website will automatically promote your channel for 24 hours in different ways.

How will I know when it happens | Access this feature?:

So long story short, this feature just released in early December, and it is randomized and definitely in beta! You should always as a streamer keep your stream manager open anyways, but the Promotion challenge will appear in your activity feed, like a channel point redemption would! Once this happens you can accept the challenge and get your community to fill up the pot! Once you have accessed the feature, or been lucky enough to be able to use this feature, then you can view stats in a separate tab in insights like all of your other stream stats. It’s not confirmed, but once you have been chosen for a promotion, you will then have a permanent option to enable / disable the opportunity for the future, under your affiliate section of your settings. I will release more information on this soon once I find a more consistent answer!

Why is this helpful?:

You yourself may not think it, but I can tell you first hand it does attract people to the channel. Especially early on, I myself clicked one because I thought:” What is this new promoted tag” and it actually led me to a pretty cool streamer who filled me in on how he got the promotion. If you think about it, I was just one person who clicked it. Showing up on another viewers recommended page on twitch is more useful than you know! If it happens once it is bound to happen again! The more someone sees you now recommended, then the more likely they will think about checking your awesome channel out!

I hope you enjoyed this article, and as always keep it lit cracked gamers!

Photo Credit: Twitch

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