Valorant 2.03 Patch notes


Wow!  Talk about a big patch with 2.03 released! Changes to stinger, marshal and frenzy.  Crazy changes to Reyna, Yoru, Brim and Phoenix. Also a  new game mode! Let’s look over what Riot has released today.

Weapon Changes


The marshal got a buff in this patch.  Better movement speed when zoomed, price decrease, and better magnification

  • Movement speed when zoomed is 90% of unzoomed speed (old was 76%)
  • Price change 1100 –> 1000
  • Zoom magnifcation 2.5x –> 3.5x


We all knew this would become.  The stinger got a nerf.  It was quite overpowered, especially with long-range.  Riot seems to want to keep the gun in line with being able to spray and kill at short range, but making it much harder to kill at longer ranges, and making the price higher.

  • Price change 1000 –> 1100
  • Rate of fire 18 –> 16
  • Reaching max spread after 4 bullets (old was 6)
  • Recoil will be more aggressive after the 3rd bullet


  • Recoil more aggressive after the 1st bullet
  • More error after the first burst
  • Improved recovery from 0.45 –> 0.4


Oh, the frenzy meta was hitting in full swing.  This will be interesting to see the impact.  Little changes to how the gun works, but the meta with the price change will mean adjusting if you can get half armor, less util or someone else will buy a “carry” on the team

  • Price change 400 –> 500

Agent Changes


This was a surprising change for me. Riot’s goal here seems to try and balance the agent out a little as she can solo hard swing around with her abilities.  There’s a mix of a nerf and a buff here, so it will be interesting to see how this changes Reyna players.

  • Devour(Q) and Dismiss(E) charges drops from 4 –> 2
  • Cost of Devour and Dismiss changes 100 –> 200
  • Soul Orbs now drop on any slain enemies that Reyna has damaged over the last 3 seconds.  A killing shot is not needed


The biggest complaint about Yoru that I have heard has  been that he is too noisy and people can hear when things are happening.  Make is hard to lurk! So Riot has added some helpers to determine distances to make it easier to manage the noises he makes.

  • Gatecrash (E)
    • Displays the range at which the tether can be seen by enemies while moving on the minimap
    • The range that enemies can hear the audio of the teleport is displayed on the minimap
  • Dimensional Drift (X)
    • Minimap is now visible when in Dimensional Drift
    • Enemies that are revealed while in the Dimensional Drift are also shown on ally minimaps
    • Dimensional Drift can no longer body block enemies

Brimstone and Phoenix

Small tweaks here to help with audio queues.

  • Brimstone – Incendiary (Q)
    • Audio of the lingering fire zone will be easier to hear
  • Phoenix – Hot Hands (E)
    • Audio of the lingering fire zone will be easier to hear

Competitive Updates

These changes are a great start to help with the AFK problem.  More changes are planned for Episode 2: Act2

  • If you go AFK for 6 or more rounds, you will get an 8 Rank Rating (RR) penalty
    • This range is to help with issues where you have internet problems or your game is crashing
  • Act rank is now going to be based on your highest win, instead of needing to win 9 to fill your triangle

Bug fixes

A good list of bug fixes, including the Sova voice line when he wasn’t using his ult, but trying to Owl drone, Skye’s seeker pathing issues, and more.  Check out the long list here.

Escalation mode

Last but not least, there is a new game mode released! (Full details are listed here)

  • Quick 7-9 min 5v5 move to race through load-outs on your team
  • Allows people to practice with the different weapons
  • Rules:
    • 5v5
    • 12 Escalation levels
    • The first team to 12 or furthest after 10 mins wins
    • A team must get 7 points on a level to move to the next level
      • A kill on the current level = 1 pt
      • A kill on a previous level = 0.5 pt
    • Each player is working on their own weapon level
      • You need 1 kill with a weapon to unlock the next weapon
      • The team can move ahead on level if you are still on older levels.
    • Guns only, no agent abilities
    • 800 XP for a game
    • 200 XP additional for a win

Escalation Loadouts:

  • Level 1:
    • Raze Showstopper or Vandal/Phantom
  • Level 2:
    • Always Vandal or Phantom
  • Level 3-11:
    • Assorted weapons and abilities
  • Level 12:
    • Possible Shorty, Classic, Knife, Shock Dart, or Snowball Launcher
  • Health:
    • Every death drops a healing pack that fades after 10 seconds
      • Similar to deathmatch
Image credit : Riot Games