Valorant Celebrates Pride Month – All Pride Color Codes Here


June is Pride month worldwide.  In support of this, Riot Devs and Valorant have released free Pride Player Cards and titles to redeem. I feel this is a great addition and a way to try and limit the toxicity within the game.  Many of the already online streamers and pros have these cards equipped to support.

You can redeem these here with the codes below. The site has seen some heavy traffic as of late, so keep trying if you hit an error.

So, whether you fall in one of these spectrums (each one has a meaning), or you just want to show your support you now have a way to do it in-game.

Pride Player Card Codes:

  • Pride Rainbow – PRISMATIC
  • Pride Cotton Candy – COTTONCANDY
  • Pride Primary -PRIMARY
  • Pride Galactic – GALACTIC
  • Pride Sunset – SUNSET
  • Pride Twilight -TWILIGHT
  • Pride Sherbet -SHERBET

Pride Titles:

  • “Proud” – JUBILANT01
  • “Ally” – JUBILANT02

Image Credits: Riot Games

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