Valorant Patch notes 2.05


Valorant released their 2.05 patch focusing less on the gameplay tweaks, but more on  bug fixes, competitive and social updates.  The main reason, is that with the Masters Championship going on, they don’t want to disrupt the event.

Agent Updates

  • Sova
    • Added unique keybinds to move the owl drone up and down
  • Astra
    • Added unique keybinds to move up and down in astral form

Changes to Competitive Ranked

  • You can now choose to hide your act rank
  • You can filter your match history based on type
  • You will get a RR penalty when you dodge Comp games
    • This is mostly for frequent dodgers and not for those who do it once in a while.
    • Further reasoning is listed here in this post
  • Radian RR changes are more in tune with Immortal
  • New layout for custom games

Social Updates

  • Better AFK detection
  • Implemented penalties for AFK
    • Added warnings, queue restrictions, XP denial, game bans
  • Chat penalties are also updated
    • Added further warnings, queue restrictions, chat ban and  game bans
    • Further details are listed here
    • Biggest thing to note:
      • Their chat auto-detects some key words.  They cannot determine who “started” it.  So both sides will get the penality.
      • TL;DR:  Don’t be toxic

Bug Fixes

  • Of note:
    • Astra now starts spike rush with 5 stars
    • KJ ult can’t be placed while jumping
    • Hitting targets with Cypher’s cam through walls and sage walls
  • Plus many more, full list is detailed here

Image Credits:
Riot Games

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