Valorant Patch notes 2.09 – Breeze and Replication Go Live!


Riot released the expected  2.09 patch today where the new map “Breeze” is put into competitive rotation.  Along with the new map release into the rotation are some bug fixes, some updates to tournament mode, a new game mode to replace Escalation, and a nerf to Viper.  Let’s look at the details:

Viper went from being one of the least played agents to being almost top tier.  Her decay buff in the last change to her was too much, so Riot is bringing it a little be more in the middle:

Toxin (Passive)

  • The instant decay when entering any viper smoke or wall is reduced from 50 –> 30

Breeze is now into Competitive rotation.  They added small changes to block the vision of the gaps above Mid-Wood doors and A metal Doors

Other Changes:

  • Added tactical timeouts to Tournament mode custom games
  • Spaced the end game phase and pause match timer options in custom games
    • This is due to the incident in the last NA masters event.
  • Plus a number of other quality of life changes for observers and minor bug changes
    • You can see the full list of changes and bug fixes here


Replication is the new game mode that replaces Escalation


  • Best-of-nine spike mode
    • 80-second rounds
    • 45-second pistol rounds with 30-seconds subsequent rounds
  • All players on the same team play as the same agent (5 Sova’s, vs 5 Razes)
    • Agent selection is done pre-match
  • Abilities except for the ults are refreshed each round.
    • Get one ult point each round
  • Set amount of credits each round no matter win or loss
    • 900
    • 2400
    • 3900
    • 6000
  • Weapons and shields will reset each round
    • Being flashed twice within a 4 sec. window will grant this status
    • When you have FLASHGUARD, you cannot be blinded
      • Lasts 5 seconds
  • XP:
    • 100xp / round played
  • Additional +200xp / round won

Replication will run for two weeks ending on May 25th.

Enjoy and have fun!

Image Credits:
Riot Games

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