Valorant Stage 3 Masters Berlin : Qualified Teams & Tournament Schedule


VCT Stage 3 Masters is happening in Berlin soon! Running from September 10-19, qualified teams from around the globe will meet at a LAN to try and win the Masters Berlin trophy AND a golden ticket to the end of the year Valorant Champions tournament.


Valorant Berlin is the third and final Masters event of 2021 and is also the last event to earn points to qualify for Valorant Champions. Over 7 different regions, 16 teams have qualified for Masters Berlin.

  • North America – 3 teams

    • Sentinels

    • 100 Thieves

    • Team Envy

  • EMEA – 4 teams

    • Gambit Esports

    • Papara Super Massive Blaze

    • Acend

    • G2 Esports

  • Korea – 2 teams

    • Vision Strikers

    • F4Q

  • Japan – 2 teams

    • Zeta Division

    • Crazy Raccoons

  • Brazil – 2 teams

    • Vivo Keyd

    • Haven Liberty

  • LATAM – 1 team

    • KRU Esports

  • SEA – 2 teams

    • Bren Esports

    • Paper Rex

The format for this Masters will be a bit different than Masters Iceland. A GSL style format play will start it off, followed by an eight-team single elimination bracket. Teams will be sorted into 4 pools based on placement and region strength. Then, each group has a random team drawn into it such that no group would have two teams from the same region. EMEA is the sole exception to that rule due to them having 4 teams.

In the GSL Group play, the 4 teams in the group will play in a double-elimination bracket. Two teams will come out of each group. The now remaining eight teams will be randomly seeded into a single-elimination bracket where the top-bracket winner in each group will face a random lower-bracket winner in each group.

There are so many great possible matchups that I am looking forward to seeing! Will Sentinels repeat to win and continue their Valorant dominance? Will EMEA come back to show they are the better region? How will the almost unbeaten legends of Korea, in Vision Strikers fare against teams outside their region? Can returning teams in KRU Esports and Crazy Raccoons improve on their performance in Masters Iceland? You will only know if you tune in.

Tournament Schedule:

  • Friday Sept 10 – 9 am EDT Group Play

  • Saturday Sept 11 – 9 am EDT Group Play

  • Sunday Sept 12 – 9 am EDT Group Play

  • Monday Sept 13 – 9 am EDT Group Play

  • Tuesday Sept 14 – 9 am EDT Group Play

  • Wednesday Sept 15 – 9 am EDT Group Play

  • Thursday Sept 16 – 9 am EDT Group Play / Quarterfinals

  • Friday Sept 17 – 9 am EDT Quarterfinals

  • Saturday Sept 18 – 11 am EDT Semifinals

  • Sunday Sept 19 – 11 am EDT Finals

Image Credits: Riot Games
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