Valorant Thoughts – Ask Valorant


Let’s take a look at the latest edition of Riot’s, “Ask Valorant”.

The devs have confirmed that they are hearing what the community has been asking for in getting custom keybinds for different agents. This is especially useful for Jett mains, where getting quick access to their dashes and updrafts on their right hand or on their mouse. Otherwise, they will need to do some finger acrobatics with their left hand to not interfere with their movement keys. Other agents may have different set of keybinds to help optimize use of their utility. The changes are not imminent, but Riot devs are aiming for an episode 3 release.

The next issue they addressed is still about a STILL consistent issue in ranked games where there are still a high number of afk’ers. In my last 20 games, there were no less than 5-7 of them with afk’ers still happening on either side. People are asking for making the remake system better, or longer. While no solution has been identified, they at least admit that they will be looking into this more, and hope that some adjustments will be on its way.

The last part question to the Riot devs was on the queue times on Spike Rush. There are people who take the whole time to select an agent when the spirit for Spike Rush is to get a quick game in. I personally don’t see this as a big issue. We are talking about maybe saving 10-20 seconds. I feel for the amount of work that they might need to do (I’m assuming it’s more than just a quick timer change), I would rather they continue their work on new development and bug fixes…like getting stuck in a Cypher cam or Sova drone. I am glad they replied back that they are not planning on any changes.

That’s all for this update. Special thanks to Riot’s Valorant devs for making these articles. I know it makes me feel they are listening!