Valorant VCT stage 3 – NA Primer


Sentinels has shown in Iceland that the NA teams are no pushover, “predictable” and ones to be feared.  With that event over, it’s time to move on to the the next stage of the VCT, “The Road to Berlin”.

This tour is a year long tour with international Valorant teams all fighting for a chance to show that they are the best in the world.  With as total of three stages, two of them have now been complete, with Berlin, Germany being the last and final stage.

For the NA teams, there will be two open qualifiers and subsequent qualifying main events. 

In the open qualifiers, 120 teams compete for eight spots in the main event. Sentinels and Version1 have been given byes to the round of 32 of this open qualifier for being in VCT 2 Iceland.

In the first qualifying main event of eight teams, the top four go to the Challenger Playoffs, while the bottom four will automatically qualify for the second qualifying main event where they will be joined by the top four from the second open qualifier. Here they will have one final chance to get into the Challenger Playoffs. At this Masters, NA will have three spots, so the top three from the Challenger Playoffs will get to go to Berlin, Germany.

The open qualifier matches will all be single-elimination with best-of-three matches.  The  Main Events and Challenger Playoffs will be double elimination with best-of-three matches, but the grand final will be best-of five.



What will be new to VCT Stage 3 week-1 will be the addition of Breeze to the map pool. The new agent KAY/O will NOT be available for competitive play for the week-1 events, but will be available for the week 2 events onwards.

Here is the schedule for VCT Stage 3 NA:

Now, don’t forget that the goal of all these event is to not only win them for the prize pool, but to earn VCT points for the final Valorant Champion’s event at the end of the year.  For NA, only the top two VCT in points will qualify.  The only other ways to qualify is to win Masters Berlin, or win the last chance qualifier event. Cheer on your favourite teams, and let the games begin!

Image credits: Riot Games
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