VTC Masters 2 Iceland Crowns Global Champion


Valorant’s VTC 2 Masters Iceland, the first global LAN, was a back and forth battle of Valorant titans from around the world.  There were so many different storylines, epic winning dances, and entrance moves. While Sentinels were the top seed in the tournament, questions about EU vs NA came up from the experts.  Many wondered how the Korean team NUTURN that unseated the no longer undefeated Vision Strikers would bring to the LAN. There was soo much hype with the Brazilian Team Vikings, with their aggressive playstyle.  All of this excitement brought some of the best epic plays, amazing strategies, and tight matches.

The first big storyline of the tournament was in the first round where both NA teams were facing up against the two EU teams.  Much was said that they play similar styles, but with the EU’s dominance in the CS circuit, there was much flex from the EU teams.  Team Liquid’s Scream even said that Sentinel’s gameplay was “predictable”.  At the end of that day, both NA teams beat the EU teams sending them down to the lower bracket.

Team Vikings and NUTRUN gaming were both winning and moved on to the second round with convincing wins in their brackets.

Soon, NA’s V1 team lost to NUTURN gaming sending them down to the lower bracket to face one of the EU teams.  FNATIC was able to send the NA team home leaving only one NA team left in the event.  This also set up an EU vs EU matchup in the lower bracket.

Team Liquid beat FNATIC to get to VTC Masters 2, so this was going to be an exciting grudge match between the two teams.  It took two close games, but FNATIC got their revenge and sent their fellow brethren home.

In the upper bracket, Sentinels faced the Korean powerhouse led by CS legends, Peri and SoloKR.  The skills and power from Team Sentinels were too much for the Korean team and sent them to the lower bracket to face FNATIC to face off in the grand finals.

Team NUTURN put on a stronger showing in the game versus FNATIC, but it wasn’t enough as FNATIC was able to win 2-1 to qualify for the grand finals and set up one more EU vs NA storyline.

In the finals, Sentinels ended up being too strong and win 3-0. FNATIC put up a great fight and pushed Sentinel into close matches and Overtime, but it wasn’t enough.  Sentinels end up winning this entire LAN without losing a single match. This also means that Sentinels has locked a spot to Valorant Champions at the end of the year with these points. Congratulations to Sentinels and NA!

Here are the final results, and winnings of the teams:

PlaceWinnings (USD)PointsTeam
3rd$80,000300NUTURN Gaming
4th$60,000250Team Liquid
5th-6th$40,000200Version1 / Team Vikings
7th-8th$25,000175X10 ESports / KRU Esports
9th-10th$15,000150Crazy Racoons / Sharks Esports

What an event and what a match!  Next VTC Masters 3 will be taking place in Berlin! What storylines will be going and coming out of there?  Stay tuned!

Image Credits: Riot Games

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