Wrestling with Twitch


Twitch is populated with celebrities and normal folks, like you and me, streaming for fun, views, content, and revenue. The pool is deep and wide for the streaming landscape these days but did you know many of the celebrities streaming their hearts out on the platform are your favorite professional wrestlers and, for the most part, being themselves as they play through some of their favorite games. If you’re a fan of the cinematic sport it’s a treat to meet up with your beloved masters of the mat on twitch and experience them as gamers. Let us explore a few of the more dedicated grapplers who have crossed over into the world of Twitch streaming.

Xavier Woods– This one should come as no surprise to any fan of gaming and/or professional wrestling. Xavier Woods aka Austin Creed has been intertwined with the gaming industry for years as the creator of the popular YouTube channel, Up Up Down Down. UUDD has amassed a huge following at just under 3.3 million subscribers and features a merry band of grappling gamer regulars such as Tyler Breeze, Cesaro, Ember Moon, Liv Morgan, A.J. Styles, and more. Xavier is a busy man juggling responsibilities on UUDD, WWE, and Twitch so he isn’t streaming as regularly or as much as you might think but has built up a following of almost 91K on the platform playing a variety of games, his dedication is undeniable.

Miro– The current AEW juggernaut, formerly known as Rusev in the WWE, has the appearance of a brute but just under the surface he is a typical video game fanboy (urrr… MAN, sorry). Miro’s excitement for the medium and dedication to a variety of sports and FPS games not only make him a pleasure to watch but has built up a following of almost 81K Twitch viewers. His current schedule boasts an impressive “every day at 1 pm” for a man juggling a successful wrestling career, a beautiful wife in the form of the Ravishing Russian Lana of WWE fame, and that streamer life. Miro is usually online Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays where he occasionally plays Among Us with AEW talents such as Leva Bates, Evil Uno, Colt Cabana, and more.

Dakota Kai– NXT’s Captain of Team Kick, Dakota Kai aka “charliegirl” has been streaming on Twitch for years. Dakota is the blueprint of a gamer and her range of facial expressions convey that going from painfully distressed to vividly excited at any moment depending on what’s going on. Her viewer base is smaller than the others mentioned here at almost 30K but fans of charliegirl are loyal and dedicated. Dakota is a part-part-time partnered streamer at the moment having not streamed on her channel for nearly 7 months at the time of writing but has probably used the platform longer than most grapplers in the business. She can currently be seen gaming on the series BRE START which is part of Up Up Down Down’s family of content usually featuring the likes of Shana Baszler, Jessamyn Duke, and Mia Yim in addition to Kai.

Many people love getting on Twitch and watching their favorite celebrities or sports stars streaming a good game, there are just as many that get upset that famous people are taking up some sacred streamer space (but that is a whole other topic in itself). I personally love the medium in general and if you’re good at it I will watch you no matter what else you do in this life. There are dozens more professional grapplers streaming on Twitch and it would be my pleasure to dig around and find many more in a follow-up, goodnight, and game tight.