Yauza | Valorant | Variety

Hi everyone! Yauza here! Boomer who loves the airhorn! Yes, it is pronounced “Yeowza!”  This is what I like to yell, or have you yell when I do some crazy plays!  No, I am not really a boomer, but hey, I’m older than most of the gamers out there My online gaming history comes from playing Jedi Knight II in online tournaments and winning one CTF:No Force 2v2.  I was with “Knights of the Round Table (KRT)” and “Dark Sabre (DSBR)”  I moved into the world of MMORPGs with MANY years of FFXI and WoW. Needing to concentrate on my career, I took a few years off, mostly playing offline games.  Now..I’M BACK! I mostly play Valorant and TFT, but I also like to dabble in other games, from what’s in the most recent Humber Choice, or what’s available on Stadia. Come drop by my stream to chat, I would love to talk about the latest in games, to sports, to what you made for dinner! Hope to see you soon! ~Yauza16